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Pepperoni Pizza

Let's get you booked for Infinity Pizza!

All you need to do to get yourself booked in for Infinity Pizza night is choose what time you'd like to arrive from the options below! 

Our 60 minute Family Friendly sittings run from 4pm - 7pm and our 90 minutes Adults Only sitting (where your drinks are also bottomless!) run from 7:30pm onwards!

And...the DJ hits the decks from 6:30pm!

Book tickets for the Family Friendly Sitting!

 (60 minutes of unlimited pizza!)

Book tickets for the Adults Only Sitting!

 (90 minutes of unlimited pizza AND drinks!)

So what is Infinity Pizza night?

It's as simple as...for one night only you can get UNLIMITED pizza!

As soon as you arrive, we'll bring out our fresh New York style pizzas to your table from our Infinity Pizza selection (Margherita, Pepperoni & BBQ Chicken) and then we'll keep bringing more until you say stop or your time runs out!

And for the Adults Only sitting....your drinks are also bottomless! You can choose from our selection of craft beer pints or wine and as soon as your glass is empty we'll bring out a fresh one for you! We've even got a DJ coming down to play some summer vibes from 6:30pm - so if you're looking for a great summer night...get your tickets booked now! 

1. Tickets are for either the 60 minute Family Friendly sitting (drinks not included) or the 90 minute Adults Only sitting (drinks included!)
2. The Family Friendly sitting starts at 4pm and the Adults Only sitting starts at 7pm
3. We will bring a selection of pizzas to your table as soon as you arrive, from the following range: Margherita/Pepperoni/BBQ Chicken and will keep bringing replacement pizzas until your time is up or you don't want anymore!
4. Included in the Adults Only ticket is bottomless drinks from selected pints of beer and wine, up to a maximum of six drinks per person. Your drink will be replaced once it is finished. 
5. Drinks cannot be shared and drinking to excess is not permitted, participants are asked to drink responsibly at all times.
6. Pizzas are not available for takeaway under this offer
7. We may not be able to cater to additional dietary requirements during this event, but please feel free to contact us at to ask!

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